7 Mar

We have just returned from a fun (surprise!) trip to Disneyland! This is the second time that we’ve surprised Alex with a trip and I think the surprise is just as much fun as the trip!

I captured a couple of highlights here, but there are of course many more stories to tell…

From top to bottom: Alex with the gorilla at The Rainforest Cafe, our first family character photo with Safari Mickey, the view from the gondola on the ferris wheel at California Adventure, Tigger with the boys, Alex breaking out of jail at Toon Town, Alex and the pirate, Alex and Donald, Alex chilling out on the giant Lego.

We had a really wonderful trip. Alex was brave enough to go on every ride. In fact, he became a total roller coaster fanatic! First with Space Mountain, then on California Screamin’. I believe that we went on those two rides a total of about 12 times! His reaction was so adorable. At the end of each ride, he would pump his fists and scream “Oh yeah!” “AWESOME!”. Too cool.

Two years ago when we went to Disney Alex was still such a little guy. Now he seems much more like a boy. Quite bittersweet to be sure.


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