27 Mar

Hello, my name is Julie and I’m 40.

That sounds a little weird but it is, in fact, my new reality. I turned 40 last week. I’m not hung up on the age thing, really. Birthdays always make me feel somewhat reflective, especially with “milestone” birthdays. In general, my 30’s were better than my 20’s and I’m looking forward to my 40’s being even better.

One of the best parts about my birthday this year was that I got to celebrate it in La Paz, Mexico. What a beautiful, relaxing, soulful place. We spent a week lounging by the pool, swimming with sea lions, exploring the beach, eating wonderful food and drinking wonderful tequila! Not a bad way to spend any week, but in particular a birthday week.

La Paz had a lot of texture. I was struck by the feeling of so many things there and how authentic it felt. Between the four of us there, we took hundreds of photos and some of my favorite highlight the textures. Here are just a few examples…

These are really completely random… a light fixture on our patio, a grass overhang on a bar, a park bench, some wall art, a candle and a light fixture. So pretty and each of them bring me right back. I’ll have more vacation photos soon, but these were the first I wanted to play with!


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