Let The Fun Begin!

2 May

I got started with LOAD (layout-a-day) today and really went the easy route. I took a layered template that was a freebie this weekend at Designer Digitals, paired it with some great photos that our friend Wes took of Alex and me yesterday, one sheet of patterned paper (also from Designer Digitals) and done. I love it when a layout comes together without a lot of fuss!

I See You

I also started to tackle one of my 40 at 40 goals today (scan 10 albums). My dad passed away in 2009 and when my mom was able to sell her house, she had to downsize a bit. I ended up with 17 boxes of photo albums dating back to 1970. Problem is, many of them are in those awful magnetic albums and I need to get the photos out. Also, I was trying to figure out how to share them with my family. I was really nervous about sending them away to a scanning service, so I just made the decision to scan them myself, one album at a time. I tackled the first album today! Not nearly as painful as I thought, although it is a bit time-consuming. I found some real gems, though:

Scan 18Scan 25(That’s my first birthday!)

Scan 71Scan 88(My dad & me on the lake, my mom & me on the merry-go-round)

Scan 41Scan 53(My dad & me at the lake and me wearing his sunglasses)

My original idea was to burn the photos to disc for my family, but I’ve decided to upload them to Flickr. That way, people can download the photos they want and leave the rest. Aside from scanning them, my goal is to enter in the description any notes that my mom wrote on the back of the photo or on one of the tags that are included on some of the pages. Luckily there is no great hurry because this project is going to take a while, but I’m happy to have it under way!


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