Playing Catch-up…

11 May

I got the gift of time for Mother’s Day and had a whole bunch of time to play in my office. I got a couple of extra layouts done over the weekend and of course one today in true layout-a-day fashion. Here’s a look:

Scan 3I’ve loved these pictures since I took them almost six years ago. Alex has always been such a character and these photos demonstrate that perfectly!

YouCrackMeUpMore great personality shots! I found these on the camera when I downloaded photos on Sunday afternoon. The day before, Alex had set up the camera on the tripod and took these shots with the self-timer. I seriously love that he does this! I get self-portraits a lot and I love how well they show his funny personality and I love that he seems to love taking pictures as much as I do!

InnocentHere’s my layout for today. A little story about our least favorite ride at Disneyland. Anyone else feel the same way about this thing? It’s awful!

I’m feeling really good about this month’s challenge. I’ve had some good projects to keep things interesting, I’ve reached back to use some older photos which is always fun. I’ve had a lot of great inspiration from the gals who are in this challenge with me, which is always one of the best parts. I’m looking forward to the big fat stack of layouts at the end of the month. Nothing is quite as rewarding as that!


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