40 at 40 update

11 Jun

40logoWell, I’ve been 40 for a little over two months now; a good time for another 40-at-40 update. I’m feeling fairly successful because I’ve got a couple more things ticked off my list, including one that I wasn’t sure was possible.

First, I’ve scheduled a Bunco night (#25) with some girlfriends for later this month. I’ve also played Bunco with my neighbors twice since I made this list, so that counts as well. By the way, if you’ve never played Bunco, I highly recommend it. A great way to blow off steam with a group of girlfriends.

I’ve also got a good start on my closet project. When I listed#10 “clean out & organize all closets” I specifically meant the linen closet in the master bathroom, the walk-in closet in the master bedroom, my son’s closet and the hall closet. I’m halfway there! Here is the linen closet:

I actually purged a ton of stuff from this closet; sheets that were worn out, a bag of hotel samples, expired stuff. A big garbage bag to the trash and a box to donate. Felt great!

My son’s closet. I totally blew the ‘before’ picture and didn’t remember to take it until I was about halfway done, but all that stuff spilling out on the floor in front of the closet? That was all in the closet, along with about 15 more stuffed animals and six pairs of shoes. I also purged a bunch of stuff from this closet (six boxes worth!).

So, the closets are half-way done. I’m dreading the master closet. What a mess! I’m thinking maybe the end of summer for that one. We’ll see how it goes.

By far, the most exciting thing is this:

Those are our laundry baskets. Our mostly empty laundry baskets. There are a few towels waiting to go, but not enough for a full load. In other words, I AM CAUGHT UP ON LAUNDRY (#27)! This is the one I really wasn’t sure was possible, but it has happened. I have a big secret weapon that I wasn’t expecting back in March and that’s this:

Ahh… aren’t they lovely? Meet my new washer & dryer. Our nearly 11-year-old set decided to give up the ghost and it was time for new. These are amazing… they have a bigger capacity (fewer loads), 3.2 million different settings (although, let’s be honest, we’ll use like two) and best of all, the doors open the right way. Our old pair, both doors opened to the right which was a pain. Now, the washer door (on the left) opens to the left and the dryer door opens to the right. Genius! I am very aware that there is a possibility that this may slip. I’ll keep you posted!

Here is my full 40-at-40 list. If you want to see previous updates, they’re here and here or check the category “40-at-40” on the right.

  1. paint the master bathroom
  2. paint my office
  3. have a zip line adventure
  4. build a web-site
  5. run a 5k
  6. create and use a weekly menu plan
  7. plant spring bulbs
  8. plant a garden
  9. learn Spanish
  10. clean out & organize all closets
  11. make a quilt for the family room
  12. finish small dresser*
  13. finish Alex’s quilt*
  14. plan a weekend getaway for Mark and me
  15. start a date night habit
  16. clean out kitchen
  17. use our Metropolitan Grill gift certificates (finally – they’re years old!)
  18. start a yoga practice
  19. knit a sweater
  20. make strawberry jam
  21. move my month-by-month album to 12 x 12
  22. finish my “Me: The Abridged Album” album
  23. use the fire-pit
  24. make Jello shots***
  25. schedule a Bunco night
  26. schedule a massage
  27. catch up on laundry**
  28. take a hike
  29. create a video tutorial
  30. take a class
  31. teach Alex organization
  32. go to the coast
  33. scan at least 10 albums
  34. have a party
  35. finish a Disney album
  36. add a stamp to my passport
  37. build a blogging habit
  38. knit socks
  39. drive the trailer for at least an hour
  40. plant the front yard

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