21 Jun

Saturday: Starting to feel like summer weather might never arrive. Spent the morning and part of the afternoon at my in-laws. Mark pressure washed the driveway and Alex and I played real records on the record player. He loves the record player! It feels like such a novelty for him.

Sunday: Father’s day was a bit dramatic around here. While I was cooking breakfast, Alex dropped a stool on his big toe. He is usually pretty good at brushing these things off, but he was really crying and shaky so off to the walk-in clinic we went. X-rays revealed that nothing was broken, but he got his toe nicely wrapped up and got a ”post-op boot” to wear to keep pressure off his big toe. For a day or two. The rest of the day was watching movies and relaxing.

Monday: I recently purchase a Living Social deal for Six O’Clock Scramble which is a meal planning service. Each week I receive an email with a week’s worth of recipes (including shopping list). I was intrigued by this service because it allows you save recipes you like and edit your plan each week before you print it off. Tonight’s recipe was Crispy Veggie Tacos… some onion, tomato, corn, beans, taco seasoning served over lettuce on a tortilla with cheese on top. Yummy and it only took about 15 minutes to pull together. I {love} quick and easy!

Today: This day has his last day as a first grader. So proud of him!




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