around here…

3 Jul
  • summer vacation has begun (even if the weather isn’t quite cooperating yet!).
  • we had to make a trip to the walk-in clinic for a maybe broken toe (Alex). All was fine.
  • work has taken some challenging turns and I’ve had to make some decisions that were hard, both personally and professionally.
  • we’re looking forward to some well deserved vacation time
  • I made another batch of lemon jello shooters for a Fourth of July BBQ! Can’t wait!
  • we saw three movies in the theater during the month of June (might be a record for us)
  • we can’t wait for the final Harry Potter!
  • Mark brought home gas-powered scooters for us! At first I thought It was nuts, but they are super fun!
  • I’m looking forward to trying to shoot some great sparkler photos on Monday
  • I’m working on a couple more items from my 40 at 40 list. Will share more soon!
  • took this photo of the sky today:
  • wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend!



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