family treasures…

9 Aug

A few weeks back on a family camping trip, I mentioned that I’d been looking for an old manual typewriter. I really love the look of old school typed journaling on scrapbook pages and fonts just don’t quite cut it. Anyway, my aunt mentioned that she had her old one up in her storage shed that she didn’t use. A couple of weeks and a hitched ride over the mountains with my other aunt, look what landed on my table:IMG_4812
Isn’t it cute? Turns out this is the typewriter that my aunts used to learn to type (my mom is the oldest and had moved out by then). I can’t imagine learning on it. It’s great, but not easy to type on by any stretch. Check out a close-up:IMG_4817

We got it up and running in no time with a new ribbon. Alex thinks it is the coolest. In fact, he thinks it’s “way cooler than the keyboards on the computers!”. We keep paper in it most of the time and Alex will often come in, type his name and go.

Thanks so much, Aunt Clare (and Aunt Nancy & Bart for the ride)! It’s just perfect and we love it!IMG_4813


One Response to “family treasures…”

  1. Cathy Green August 9, 2011 at 7:30 am #

    This looks very similar to the one I used to do my homework on in Jr. high & high school. It sat on Mom & Dad’s desk in the corner of their bedroom at the Kent house.

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