vacation – day 4

27 Aug

Our fourth day of vacation was an adventure here:
The Route of the Hiawatha is a beautiful old railroad route that has been transformed into a bike trail. It was a terrific family adventure and we had a great time.

Mark, Will & Willow at the rental shop and the group listening to a “safety talk”.

Here’s the group ready to go! Kanyan on the trail.

The chipmunks along the trail were clearly tamed and ready for some goldfish crackers! Can you see him on Mark’s tire?

At the start of the trail, you go through a nearly 2 mile long tunnel! It runs 43 degrees in there year long and is pitch black. You can see it here in the background. Also, a great shot of Willow.

Grandma Linda on the trail (she’s Will’s mom) and Kendall in the trailer. She was a trooper!

Alex was a trooper… about 10 miles down the trail we realized his brakes were catching the whole time. He was even having to pedal downhill! And here I am with a flower in my helmet. Mark picked it for me along the trail.

Coming out of a tunnel and crossing one of the seven trestles.

At the bottom of the 15 mile trail, you load up the bikes and you go back to the top and through the first, long tunnel again. We had to wait for a bit. Alex and I relaxed in the shade.

After the bike ride, we came back into Coeur D’Alene for dinner and ice cream. Here are Kanyan and Gaye enjoying their dessert.

We had to kill some time before we went back to the house (long story!) so we let the kids run around the park for a while…

Day four was a really fun, really long day. We all agreed that we would do that ride again. If you’d like to see more about The Route of the Hiawatha, click here.


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