vacation – day 5

31 Aug

Our fifth day of vacation was all about relaxing and playing… at the house, on the beach and on the water. It looked like this…

Mark and I have only ever been on a jet ski together once during a vacation to Mexico. I got off pretty quickly because I thought I was going to die. It took some coaxing for him to get me back on one, but he was much calmer this time and we had a great time.

We found an old rope swing on the lake and anchored the boats for a while so that everyone could have a turn. There’s something about a rope swing that turns everyone into a kid again.

Ryann, Julie (me!) & Jensen

Alex, Brett & Coleson

Gaye & Barb

Willow & Eric

Other random shots from the day…

We ended the day with a celebratory shot of Patron while the kids took over the living room with their various electronic devices. A wonderful evening for all…



If you can’t tell by the photos, this vacation was quickly turning into one of our favorites. We had such a great time with such a great group of friends. Plus, there are two more awesome days to share!


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