month-by-month – august

21 Sep

August was really mostly about our vacation. We had so many great photos to choose from, I added a couple of extra pages to my layouts for the month.

I will probably do some layouts about our vacation. In fact, I’ve already scrapped one page about my son and how brave he was in the water. But I love that these pages are done and we can look back on our vacation right away instead of having to wait until I get around to scrapping it. I also really love this full page photo of our family. It’s kind of a goofy photo, but we’re kind of goofy so it works for me.

One story that didn’t get told well enough in these pages is that of a trip that my mom and I took to see John Edward the psychic medium. It may or may not be your kind of thing, but we had a really great experience and I think I’m going to add a narrow page protector (maybe 6×12 trimmed down a bit to fit) with an insert telling that story.

This is my second year on this project and I really enjoy it. I see a lot of Project Life happening across the blog world and I’m really intrigued, but I’m not sure if I can make the switch. I don’t really feel any pressure about this album, I can finish a month in a couple of hours and I feel like the best parts of our story and daily life are represented. What I am intrigued by are the divided page protectors and the options. Maybe I’ll switch to 12 x 12 next year and incorporate some of both. Do you do any sort of daily/weekly/monthly project? What works for you?


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