layout-a-day (part two)

17 Feb

My second installment is a little late because I’ve been busy making layouts! I’m so happy that I’ve kept up with this challenge; there are some nights that I absolutely feel like blowing it off, but I (so far) just get it done. Hopefully I can translate this dedication to going to the gym once this month is over. Anyway, I digress. Here are my layouts:

This first layout is a recap of January with Instagram photos on my iPhone. I’m trying to take a photo-a-day and this is the best way to capture them. The next is a layout I did after Mom & I had the chance to see James Van Praagh (I need to do a post about that… what an amazing experience!).

A quickie about some random memories I have about my very first house (emphasis on random!) and a layout about some of the music that means something to my life..

The next layout is a little comparison between me & my mom. The map layout nearly killed me! It took forever and things kept going wrong! I’m so glad that it’s done, though, and I love how it turned out.
History With Yarnthe places we'll see

A layout I put together after a tough day at work (I needed a little reminder!). During last week, Ali Edwards put together a challenge to document a “day in the life”. I didn’t do a fantastic job of recording all the details, but I wanted to document what I did capture. I actually really love how it turned out.

Thanks for taking a peek! Only 13 days to go… I think I’m going to make it!


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