40-at-40… the final results

25 Mar

Now that my birthday has come and gone, it’s time for the final roundup of my 40-at-40 list. I really loved tackling this project; so much so, I’m already working on my 41-at-41 list. It made me a little more mindful as I went through my life and I think it stretched me in a couple of areas. As I work on my 41 list, I think that I’m going to put a little more bravery in my list and push myself a little outside my comfort zone.



1.    paint the master bathroom
2.    paint my office
3.    have a zip line adventure
4.    build a web-site
6.    create and use a weekly menu plan
7.    plant spring bulbs
10.    clean out & organize all closets (I went through them all at least once… not all of them stuck!)
12.    finish small dresser*
13.    finish Alex’s quilt*
14.    plan a weekend getaway for Mark and me
15.    start a date night habit
16.    clean out kitchen
17.    use our Metropolitan Grill gift certificates (finally – they’re years old!)
19.    knit a sweater (finished this week! see photo above)
20.    make strawberry jam
21.    move my month-by-month album to 12 x 12 (I actually decided to nix this one and go in a totally different direction)
23.    use the fire-pit
24.    make Jello shots
25.    schedule a Bunco night
26.    schedule a massage
27.    catch up on laundry
28.    take a hike
30.    take a class
31.    teach Alex organization
32.    go to the coast
33.    scan at least 10 albums
34.    have a party
35.    finish a Disney album
36.    add a stamp to my passport
39.    drive the trailer for at least an hour


5.    run a 5k (I’m looking forward to THIS run in May)
8.    plant a garden (this will go back on my list this year)
9.    learn Spanish
11.    make a quilt for the family room (in progress!)
18.    start a yoga practice (I’d gotten into a good habit, but it all fell apart in October)
22.    finish my “Me: The Abridged Album” album
29.    create a video tutorial
32.    go to the coast (not complete, but scheduled for June!)
37.    build a blogging habit
38.    knit socks
40.    plant the front yard

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but will be looking for better than 75% completion this coming year! Stay tuned for my 41-at-41 list.


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