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10 things that could have been…

10 Mar

I’ve been plugging away on my 40-at-40 list (see my last update HERE). It’s been a really great experience and something that I plan on repeating next year for my 41st birthday, but while I was reviewing my list, I realized that there were quite a few things that have happened this year that could have made the list and I thought that for this month’s installment of “10 Things” I would list them here.

1) Be in a parade: One of my stores participated in a parade in their community and I got to tag along and hold the banner. It was a fun day with nice weather and lots of happy coffee fans!

2) Make cake pops: I tried these out only once, but as you can see from the photo, they weren’t exactly a success.
cake pops

3) Take a rafting trip: We had a great float while in Leavenworth this summer. Alex had a great time and even rode right in front through the waves!

4) Go water skiing: The last time I water skied was more than 20 years ago. This summer, we spent a week on a lake with some friends and spent lots of time on the water. Skiing might be like riding a bike – I was able to get up on the first try! I also had some spectacular spills, but that’s a story for a different day.

5) Have a family photos taken: Our last family photos were taken when my darling eight year old son was two months! It was long overdue and so much fun! I’m glad that we finally took the time.
family photos

6) Break a toe: OK, so this wouldn’t have made my list, but breaking a bone was a first for me and this year was all about firsts!
broken toe

7) Have a reading with a famous psychic: This really deserves a blog post all on it’s own. What a great experience.
me & mom & James Van Praagh

8) Sing karaoke in a foreign country: On our recent trip to Mexico, we had one crazy night out that involved dancing, singing and generous amounts of tequila, not necessarily in that order.
Mexican karaoke

9) Pet a whale: On that same trip to Mexico, we went on a whale watching trip. Unlike whale watching trips here, in Mexico we got up close and personal with the whales. It was pretty unbelievable.Apetting a whale

10) Take nearly 6,000 photos: As I was going through my photos looking for these, I realized that my photo count for the year is at 5,928. Plus, I still have a couple of weeks to go!

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a special 10 things

11 Dec

In honor of Marks birthday yesterday (darn… a day late!), my 10 things are dedicated to him and the 10 things I most appreciate about him.

1)   He is a great dad. I’m sure it’s the role that means the most to him in his life and he takes it on with gusto! He loves Alex with his whole heart and is sure to spend great quality one-on-one time with him as often as he can. I love watching this relationship grow.

2)   He loves me! He is kind and generous and I feel lucky that I found him and he wanted to be part of my life.
Shepler (38)

3)   He is funny. Mark has a good sense of humor and doesn’t mind laughing at himself.

4)   He is a kid at heart. Whether it’s playing Xbox with Alex or being sure we had a pool for the kids this summer, he’s the one that keeps us young!

5)   He has an adventurous side! In the days before we met, he’d even bungee jumped! Although he’s got a little bit tamer over the years, he’s still willing to jump in the water with sea lions or come with me on the high ropes. I love that.

6)   He really loves my family. From the day we met, he’s fit right in with my family like he’s been part of it all along.

7)   He’s predictable. OK, this may sometimes drive me a little crazy, but really I like it. Like knowing that we’re probably going to stop at Starbucks at the start of every outing or that he’s likely to order a bacon cheeseburger or a spinach salad when we go out to eat. I think these things are reassuring.

8)   He has a strong sense of responsibility. He just takes care of things that need taken care of and does what he thinks is right.

9)   He believes in a good family vacation. I love that we take time every year to have some fun vacations together!

10)  He gets into taking pictures, too! I love that he’s willing to wander around with me and sees things that I just wouldn’t see.

I’m sure he will scoff at being the focus of this post, but he deserves it. I’m lucky to be married to him and happy to share it!
Happy Birthday, HB!

10 things

10 Oct

We celebrated a very special 8th birthday over the past few days. It seems impossible to me that my sweet baby boy isn’t really a baby anymore, but that’s another topic for another day. Today I wanted to share 10 of our favorite moments and memories from the birthday festivities!

We started out the celebration by skipping school on Thursday (his actual birthday) and exploring the Pacific Science Center. It seems to me that skipping school now and again is perfectly reasonable, especially if you go someplace educational!

Over the weekend we took a bunch of his friends to an indoor trampoline park. We’d never been and let me tell you, this place was nuts! The kids were totally wiped out at the end… sure sign of a great party!

Finally, a nice family party at grandma’s house. A perfect end to a perfect birthday week.

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10 things…

10 Aug

I hope that you’re having a wonderful summer! I can’t believe that it’s almost over. We’ve even finished school supply shopping already. I decided to choose some of my favorite summer moments (so far) for my 10 things this month…
P1010265Alex and sidewalk chalk shortly before our elderly (and crabby!) neighbor accused us of “tagging”.

IMG_4333Teaching some friends how to make strawberry jam.

IMG_4356My boys on the 4th of July.

IMG_4372The 4th of July “before”.

IMG_4605The family float in Leavenworth. Loved that Mark & Keith followed us down the river to take photos!

IMG_1504Uncle Todd making good on a $100 bet he made with Alex (and perhaps learning to never start a sentence with a seven year old with “I’ll bet you a hundred bucks that you can’t…”)

IMG_4778Out on a family walk

IMG_4823Alex discovering the joy of the manual typewriter.

P1010345Tackling a fear (and my 40-at-40 list!).

IMG_4828Alex embracing Legos!

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10 things…

10 Jul

We’re just returning from a fun vacation on the other side of the state. I downloaded Instagram on the trip and ended up taking most of my photos with that app so I thought I would dedicate my 10 things this month to 10 of my favorite Instagram shots from the last week:

1: riding by the river
2: finding a geocache

3: trying on hats
4: relaxing at camp the modern way

5: Bindlestiff’s cabins on the river
6: the river

7: vacation feet
8: lunch at a Mexican restaurant

9: sweet cousins
10: more technology at the camp fire