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month-by-month – December

6 Jan

Here it is… the last month of the year. I find it very satisfying to finish this album; I love completion and having this all tucked in and put away is a great feeling.

December was a full and busy month and required a couple of extra pages:



Please click on any photo to see it larger and you can see all of my month-by-month entries by clicking the link to the right.

I’ve really loved this project for the last two years. In 2012 I’m going to be trying my hand at Project Life. I love the format and the ability to include more of our everyday, but I’m a little nervous about keeping up. But no pressure; I’m going to have fun and enjoy the project no matter what!


month-by-month – October

2 Jan

I took some time over the weekend to complete my 2011 month-by-month album. I really love looking through this album; it’s amazing how many memories get lost in such a short time. I’m going to try to move to Project Life in 2012 to help capture even more of our everyday and will post updates as I go.

Now, back to October:


October always feels busy and this year was no exception. Click on any photo to see it larger. To see the full year of month-by-month, click the link on the right.

month-by-month September

16 Nov

September was a busy, busy month. Back-to-school and soccer, new routines and new work. It’s always nice to get back into the swing of the school year but it always feels like a bit of a hassle. Alex also started math tutoring again in September. He loves math and her really loves the stuff he learns with his tutor. It’s so great to see him love learning; I hope that this stays with him always.

We went to see the circus which was really fun. Mark and Alex went on their first fishing trip which was awesome. I’m really not sure who enjoyed it more, Mark or Alex. They didn’t catch anything, but really had fun trying. We also had a chance to go see my birth-mother perform which was a rare treat. She is a super talented blues singer and it was the first time Alex got to see her perform so that was really fun.


month-by-month – august

21 Sep

August was really mostly about our vacation. We had so many great photos to choose from, I added a couple of extra pages to my layouts for the month.

I will probably do some layouts about our vacation. In fact, I’ve already scrapped one page about my son and how brave he was in the water. But I love that these pages are done and we can look back on our vacation right away instead of having to wait until I get around to scrapping it. I also really love this full page photo of our family. It’s kind of a goofy photo, but we’re kind of goofy so it works for me.

One story that didn’t get told well enough in these pages is that of a trip that my mom and I took to see John Edward the psychic medium. It may or may not be your kind of thing, but we had a really great experience and I think I’m going to add a narrow page protector (maybe 6×12 trimmed down a bit to fit) with an insert telling that story.

This is my second year on this project and I really enjoy it. I see a lot of Project Life happening across the blog world and I’m really intrigued, but I’m not sure if I can make the switch. I don’t really feel any pressure about this album, I can finish a month in a couple of hours and I feel like the best parts of our story and daily life are represented. What I am intrigued by are the divided page protectors and the options. Maybe I’ll switch to 12 x 12 next year and incorporate some of both. Do you do any sort of daily/weekly/monthly project? What works for you?

month-by-month – July

12 Sep

I just realized that I’m a month behind in sharing my month-by-month pages. Something about summer makes it difficult for me to keep up with routines. I think it has to do with Alex being out of school. Everything seems like it should be more relaxed, more carefree. If only my boss shared the same idea!

Anyway, here’s July…

Even though the weather never really felt like summer, July was super fun. We celebrated the 4th with a big BBQ with some good friends and lots of fireworks. We had a nice visit from Diane and Heidi… hopefully it’s not another four years until we see them again. We watched the very last Harry Potter movie and two of the three of us shed some tears. We met the newest member of our family, little Drew. We took our annual family trip to Leavenworth. Mark and I had an awesome adventure and Alex spent lots of time in the pool. Click any photo to see it larger.

month-by-month – June

14 Jul

June is all wrapped up. I had 124 photos to choose from this month… it only seems like a lot until you’re putting together a monthly recap! Luckily I was able to pull a few extra photos from our iPhones and things rounded out nicely. Here’s my June:

We had a really nice time on a field trip to the zoo and lucked out with some really nice weather. Other than that, life in June was simple, quiet, ordinary life. My favorite kind!

month-by-month May edition

13 Jun

May was a quiet, at home kind of month. Where we live in Western Washington, winter is handing on tight. We’ve had a few nice days, but lots of gray and rain. Here are my layouts for the month:
2011May32011May4(click on an image to see it larger)

I really love some of the photos I captured this month, but there were definitely fewer to chose from in May than there had been in the past couple of months. In the bottom left layout, you can see a photo of President Obama making the announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. I just took a shot of the T.V. I also went online and printed the full text of his speech and included that in it’s own page protector. I thought it might be something that Alex will appreciate in the future. I also spent some time trying to capture our Golden Chain Tree as it started to bloom. One of my favorites is on the second page. I also really love the photo of my son and the cake pop on the opening page. My attempt at cake pops was pretty sad, but he sure liked what did turn out!

I just received a print order from Persnickety Prints that included all of my printed 8.5 x 11 layouts for this year’s month-by-month album. In the next couple of days I’m going to make a quick video so you can see how it all comes together in the album. I really love this project. It captures the highlights and takes almost no time at all. I can add odds & ends from our everyday life and tell as many or as few stories as I need. If you’re interested in telling your story like this, the layered digital template set is by Cathy Zielske at Designer Digitals. It’s called “The Monthly” and you can find it here.


7 May

I got month-by-month done for April. This one surprised me a bit… I didn’t think I’d taken very many photos. I actually ended up adding an extra page because I really wanted to blow up that picture of Mark & Alex. Here they are:



Aren’t those boys adorable?

I also added some captions on my photos this month. My aunt was here and had the chance to look through my 2010 album. She had some questions about who/what/why photos were included and I’d been thinking about how to include some of that info on the layouts. I think this is simple and not intrusive.

I love this album. I give a little mental shout out to Cathy Zielske every month when I pull out these templates. She rocks.

Month-by-Month, Page-by-Page

21 Apr
I was looking through my 2010 Month-by-Month album today and thought it would be fun to show you what it looks like as you flip through the pages. The monthly digital templates are, of course, a big part of the album, but they’re really only the beginning. This really is a hybrid project. I add printed labels (just printed from my computer and cut out of cardstock) to some of the photos. I also add lots of additional photos, journaling and stuff to baseball card-style page protectors most months. It just depends on what I’ve collected and what photos I have on hand.
The whole album is on Flickr. You can click on any of the photos for additional information and to see the rest of the album.







I really love this album. It isn’t too much for me to maintain. I don’t ever feel “behind” and it’s really simple for me to complete each month. If I don’t have enough photos, I can add a patterned paper. If I have way too many, I add more page protectors. If you’re interested in something similar, you can find the templates here.

finally March…

19 Apr

With this post, I’m officially “caught up” on my month-to-month album for 2011! What a nice feeling. There are still lots of stories that I will tell from these months, and lots of photos that will help me tell other stories, but I have a very peaceful feeling knowing that the general stories of our months are covered. Corney? Probably, but I’ve been called worse.

Anyway, here are the layouts for March. We took a fabulous vacation to Mexico for a week in March and there were more than a thousand photos to choose from, so that really became the focus of the month.
I plan on including  either a layout or some additional journaling about Alex’s experience staying with his grandparents while we were gone. He’s super comfortable with them, but this was the first time we’d been gone for more than a weekend and he was definitely feeling a bit out of sorts. We have a few pictures that our parents took, so it will be nice to include them in the story.

I also turned forty (40!) while we were in Mexico. I have to say that I’m feeling pretty good about 40. It does feel significant, a major life milestone, but I think I’m in a pretty good place in my life and from where I sit, my 40’s look to be a pretty good decade!