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i love this…

16 Apr


spring has sprung
so happy that I took the time to add some color to our yard!


i love this…

26 Feb


I love vacation
I love having nothing to do but lay by the pool
I love traveling with people I love

i love this…

18 Feb


those eyes
that grin
that boy of mine

i just love him

i love this

18 Jan


Our first snow of the season
I spied this snow heart hanging from the fence outside my window
Love this

i love this…

24 Dec


when too excited to sleep
mixes with exhaustion
and a little Christmas magic

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

a big 40-at-40 update…

17 Dec

I have about three months left to accomplish what’s left on my 40-at-40 list, so I thought it would be a good time to update my progress and take stock.

1.    paint the master bathroom – this was one of my first accomplishments, actually finished before I completed the list
2.    paint my office – not yet, hoping for some motivation after the holidays
3.    have a zip line adventure – although it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I added this to my list (think an hours-long, nature-filled journey) we did indeed have a zip-line adventure! We were in Las Vegas for Mark’s birthday last weekend and we ventured downtown to Fremont Street. If you’ve been to Vegas and not been there, you are missing out. So much to see and so much fun! Part of what they have to offer is a zip line that travels about 800 right under the huge light canopy that covers Fremont Street. It’s decidedly not “nature-filled” nor is it hours long, but it is an adventure.
4.    build a web-site – again, not precisely what I had in mind when I made this list, but umm… doesn’t this count?
5.    run a 5k – I’ve been out of any workout habit since I broke my toe in October. Anxious to get back to it and check this off my list!
6.    create and use a weekly menu plan – this one still haunts me! I still have three months, right?!
7.    plant spring bulbs – Alex helped me tackle this one. We didn’t get them in the ground until November… almost too late! Hopefully we have lots of nice, red blooms come spring.
8.    plant a garden – didn’t happen and now it’s way out of season. Maybe next year?
9.    learn Spanish – I got as far as downloading Rosetta Stone onto my laptop. I do still have three months!
10.    clean out & organize all closets – getting there, just one to go!
11.    make a quilt for the family room – barely started but really hoping I finish
12.    finish small dresser* –  this one has been finished and acting like a nice side table for my chair in the family room. Sadly, I don’t have an “after” shot and the chair and dresser are now displaced by the Christmas tree. Here is a “before” shot:
I think all told, there were five or six layers of paint on this thing that I stripped off. I love the look of refinished furniture, but I’ve learned that I really don’t like doing the work. I’ll post the “after” shot once it’s back in place.
13.    finish Alex’s quilt*finished and being used nightly
14.    plan a weekend getaway for Mark and me – Mark’s birthday was last weekend and I planned a trip down to Las Vegas! One of the best parts of our trip? We got photos of us together that turned out! That almost never happens!
15.    start a date night habit – this stemmed from an anniversary gift to Mark in October. I’ll share that project soon.
16.    clean out kitchen – with the help of a a girlfriend, some wine and some fruit flies (long story), this was accomplished!
17.    use our Metropolitan Grill gift certificates (finally – they’re years old!) – we shared the most amazing steak dinner with friends last month finally using these gift certificates! I got them as a Christmas gift for three years in a row at work about six years ago.
18.    start a yoga practice – although I’ve been sidelined with my broken toe, I had started a weekly practice and will get back to it asap!
19.    knit a sweater – not yet, not sure about this one!
20.    make strawberry jamdone!
21.    move my month-by-month album to 12 x 12 – I made the decision not to do this. I’m going to attempt Project Life next year as my “daily life” record.
22.    finish my “Me: The Abridged Album” album – in progress!
23.    use the fire-pitdone!
24.    make Jello shotsdone (and thinking of making them this weekend!)
25.    schedule a Bunco night – scheduled for January
26.    schedule a massagedone (with another scheduled this month!)
27.    catch up on laundrydone and in progress. I don’t know if I’ll ever master laundry, but it feels like less of a monster.
28.    take a hikedone, and we hiked again in the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.
29.    create a video tutorial – not yet
30.    take a class – I’ve taken a couple of classes… Exposure and Capture Your Holidays 2011 with Katrina Kennedy and The Photographer’s Workshop with Karen Russell (sensing a theme this year?).
31.    teach Alex organization – he is eight… this may have been wishful thinking
32.    go to the coast – we haven’t gone, but we do have reservations for next June. Since this is my list, I’m counting it good!
33.    scan at least 10 albums – done! I’ve found some great old photos. This project will take a while, but will be really worth it in the end. Here are a couple examples:
Scan 11Scan 69
Scan 29Scan 43

34.    have a party – done a couple of times, but no photos! I’m having a Christmas party this weekend, I’ll have to be sure to capture it!
35.    finish a Disney album – done! I used a photo album from Disneyland to match one from our last trip and kept it really simple. I did created journaling blocks in Photoshop, added a few words cut from my Cricut and called it good!

36.    add a stamp to my passport – I’ll also call this one done, although we’re not traveling until February the tickets are purchased!
37.    build a blogging habit – I’m working on it, but certainly not where I want to be yet.
38.    knit socks – nope, not yet
39.    drive the trailer for at least an hourdone!
40.    plant the front yard – not yet, but hopefully in the spring.

By my count, I’ve got 12 items left on my list. Considering the items, I think this puts me a bit behind, but I’ve still got energy for this project! I’ll keep plugging along and keep you posted as I finish up my year. Thanks for following along on this journey and for your support. It’s been awesome!

what happens in vegas…

13 Dec

Certainly doesn’t need to stay in Vegas! We just got back from a really fun weekend spent in Las Vegas for Mark’s birthday. We had so much fun checking out all the usual spots like the strip and Fremont Street, but also a couple that were off the beaten path like the Neon Museum and a hike out at the Red Rock Canyon. It was such a very nice getaway. Alex had a great time being spoiled by his grandparents while we were gone and I think we both came back refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the holiday season!

A few photos…
elevatorsquareshearts&swirlsneon shoe
neonsassy neonmotel neonneon stars
neon heartneon starneon boneyardneon shirt
curly neonpawn starsselfiesnow in vegas?
cactus duosunburstgreen mossvegas sign!
(click on any photo to see it larger)

If you are ever in Vegas and have the opportunity, I highly recommend visiting The Neon Museum. The tour was really interesting; lots of history and legends of the city and the signs were just beautiful. I’ll have a couple of more posts coming about this trip, including another item knocked off my 40-at-40 list!

this weekend…

28 Nov

We were thankful,
played some poker,
and ate well.

We shared a football game with friends and family,
and held a cute baby.

We shot some light
and some pool,
and Grandpa Matthew’s Christmas.

In short, a great weekend filled with family, friends and food. What a fun time of year!

i love this…

18 Nov


Practicing manual mode on my camera.
I love when a shot just comes together.

family photos…

29 Oct

I am an avid photographer and scrapbooker. One of the things I value most is preserving our moments and memories. So, it’s really very embarrassing to admit that the last time we had family photos taken was in 2003. We looked something like this:
Awesome, right?

I’m happy to say that this situation is finally corrected! At the beginning of the month, we had our photos taken by Heidi Caldwell of Heidi Caldwell Photography. Heidi and I worked together years ago and we stumbled upon each other on Facebook. It was a great surprise to find that she’s a photographer and I really love her work. We met up in downtown Snohomish which is an awesome, quaint and colorful town here in Washington and she snapped away. Here are a few of my favorites:
Shepler (21)
Shepler (45)
Shepler (17)Shepler (8)
Shepler (2)
Shepler (13)Shepler (17)
Shepler (18)

We got back about 45 images and I could have put any of them up here; I just love them. Thanks so much, Heidi, for these awesome photos!