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i love this…

16 Apr


spring has sprung
so happy that I took the time to add some color to our yard!


i love this…

26 Feb


I love vacation
I love having nothing to do but lay by the pool
I love traveling with people I love

i love this…

18 Feb


those eyes
that grin
that boy of mine

i just love him

i love this

18 Jan


Our first snow of the season
I spied this snow heart hanging from the fence outside my window
Love this

i love this…

24 Dec


when too excited to sleep
mixes with exhaustion
and a little Christmas magic

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

i love this…

18 Nov


Practicing manual mode on my camera.
I love when a shot just comes together.

i love this

19 Oct


We haven’t done this in almost eight years.
Alex was two months old.
So happy to have current (and cute!) family photos to share!

i love this

4 Oct


My family
My wonderful husband
My adorable son
And my two moms… so blessed for them both in my life

i love this

14 Sep

It doesn’t quite seem to do them justice…
Taking a picture of my great old camera and my even greater new camera with a cell phone.
Thanks for the early anniversary gift, honey. You’re the best!

i love this

23 Aug

We’re just back from a great vacation.
Look what Alex learned to do!
We’re so proud of him… and he’s at least as proud of himself.
Way to go, buddy!