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project life | week 1&2

21 Jan

The last two years, I completed month-by-month albums and I love them. Of all the scrapbooks I’ve created, they’re the ones that get pulled off the shelf the most. They were created in 8.5 x 11 and I’d been thinking about converting to 12 x 12 albums to be able to fit a few more photos and more stuff. What I realized is that I was basically recreating Project Life. Two weeks in, I’m loving the weekly format and the extra space that 12 x 12 provides. I shared my title page here

Here is week 1:
We started off the new year sick. I came down with the flu and was in bed for about 5 days. There are some photos about that and also taking down our Christmas stuff. On the right is an insert with a self-portrait Alex did in school

The back side of the insert has a play that Alex narrated in school along with a couple little puppet people that went with the story. The right side has some more stuff from the week, including a note on the bottom right that I left for my husband; Alex woke up Saturday night throwing up and he was supposed to be getting up early Sunday morning to go snowboarding. The note was taped on his door letting Mark know not to wake him.

week 2:
Week two I got Alex in the album… he got these little tickets for behaving well in class and I asked him to write more about it. He reluctantly agreed, but I love that his handwriting is in there! Some stuff from life, too… movie tickets from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (loved the movie!), a chocolate wrapper, the label from a bag of apples and a tag from a new tumbler.

So far, I really love the stuff that’s going in this album. While my month-by-month albums were great and presented a good snapshot of our month, this is a bit more detailed and more “everyday”. I love that.


project life | title page

3 Jan

I spent some time over the weekend getting the title page of my Project Life Album put together. I’m feeling optimistic about this change to my memory keeping routine and seeing how it comes along.


I the 6×12 page insert on Cathy Zielske’s blog and really loved it. On the back side, I used one of the family photos that we had taken last October along with a piece of word art that I cut with my new Silhouette (wow, I love that thing!). It’s a brush from Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals.

A couple of close-ups. I printed a couple of Instagram shots on the top right and then another piece of word art layered over one of the 4×6 cards included with my Project Life kit (Clementine).

So far, so good! I’ll keep you posted!