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happy birthday to me…

22 Mar

Scan 25(photo taken 40 years ago today on my first birthday)

I love my birthday.

It feels like a personal fresh start every year.

I make the same wish every year – to grow a little wiser and a little happier along with a little older.

What more could a girl ask for?


the best day of vacation…

29 Feb

Tuesday might have been the best day of our vacation.

Mark and I just got back from a great trip to Mexico. Our days, for the most part, were very much the same – coffee in our room in the morning, breakfast in the cafe, Skype with Alex, out to the pool, BLT’s for lunch at the pool. More sun, perhaps a dip in the pool, maybe a beer or two, back to our room to get ready for dinner, Skype with Alex, out to dinner and home. With only a couple of exceptions, our days all were exactly like that. Wonderful, relaxing, quiet, sunny and warm.

Tuesday, though, was the day we got home and brought Alex lunch at school.

He was so happy to see us! During lunch, he kept sneaking his hand under the table to hold mine and at recess, he was playing tag with his friends and would keep coming back to where we were standing to give me a hug. He must have said “I love you” about 50 times. He seems to have grown – his hair is too long, his front tooth is growing in, he feels taller. Seeing him after a week is such a clear reminder of how fast he’s growing, how quickly this season of our lives will pass.

I am so thankful that we have grandparents that live near by and are willing and able to watch Alex for a week. I am so thankful that we are able to get away, just Mark and me, and be grown-ups. I’m thankful for a son who can go with the flow.

But today, I’m also thankful for the small reminder that Alex loves us more than anything.



1 Feb

Today… I’m starting a new health challenge… one week of juicing. I was inspired by a documentary we watched called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. You can see more about that HERE.

Today… I’m counting down the days to a relaxing Mexican vacation (see previous statement). Here’s my favorite layout from last year’s vacation to the same destination:

Today… I’m embarking on another LOAD (layout-a-day) challenge! If you’ve ever scrapbooked and enjoy a good challenge, you should really check this out! You can find more information HERE. This will be my fourth LOAD challenge and it’s great every time. Below is the wrap-up I did after my first challenge. I used a template from Cathy Zielske similar to this one (I can’t find the exact one I used). I adapted to to my scrappy needs. It’s amazing how much I get accomplished during this challenge. It’s really so much fun!

I am in for a fun, challenging and potentially transformational month! How are you challenging yourself in February?

a new layout…

3 Dec

Or really, I guess two new layouts. I gave the blog here a little facelift and I actually did a little scrapbooking! Hope you like the new look of the place, and here’s a look at my latest layout:

The photos are from our family photo shoot in October (thanks, Heidi!) I used supplies from Designer Digitals, including a freebie template from Katie Pertiet. I love all of the spots for photos… I didn’t have to limit myself and could use all my favorites!

Looking forward to a fun weekend including a trip to Ikea, getting my hair done and a great visit with a great old friend. Hope you all have a great weekend!

family treasures…

9 Aug

A few weeks back on a family camping trip, I mentioned that I’d been looking for an old manual typewriter. I really love the look of old school typed journaling on scrapbook pages and fonts just don’t quite cut it. Anyway, my aunt mentioned that she had her old one up in her storage shed that she didn’t use. A couple of weeks and a hitched ride over the mountains with my other aunt, look what landed on my table:IMG_4812
Isn’t it cute? Turns out this is the typewriter that my aunts used to learn to type (my mom is the oldest and had moved out by then). I can’t imagine learning on it. It’s great, but not easy to type on by any stretch. Check out a close-up:IMG_4817

We got it up and running in no time with a new ribbon. Alex thinks it is the coolest. In fact, he thinks it’s “way cooler than the keyboards on the computers!”. We keep paper in it most of the time and Alex will often come in, type his name and go.

Thanks so much, Aunt Clare (and Aunt Nancy & Bart for the ride)! It’s just perfect and we love it!IMG_4813

around here…

3 Jul
  • summer vacation has begun (even if the weather isn’t quite cooperating yet!).
  • we had to make a trip to the walk-in clinic for a maybe broken toe (Alex). All was fine.
  • work has taken some challenging turns and I’ve had to make some decisions that were hard, both personally and professionally.
  • we’re looking forward to some well deserved vacation time
  • I made another batch of lemon jello shooters for a Fourth of July BBQ! Can’t wait!
  • we saw three movies in the theater during the month of June (might be a record for us)
  • we can’t wait for the final Harry Potter!
  • Mark brought home gas-powered scooters for us! At first I thought It was nuts, but they are super fun!
  • I’m looking forward to trying to shoot some great sparkler photos on Monday
  • I’m working on a couple more items from my 40 at 40 list. Will share more soon!
  • took this photo of the sky today:
  • wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend!



21 Jun

Saturday: Starting to feel like summer weather might never arrive. Spent the morning and part of the afternoon at my in-laws. Mark pressure washed the driveway and Alex and I played real records on the record player. He loves the record player! It feels like such a novelty for him.

Sunday: Father’s day was a bit dramatic around here. While I was cooking breakfast, Alex dropped a stool on his big toe. He is usually pretty good at brushing these things off, but he was really crying and shaky so off to the walk-in clinic we went. X-rays revealed that nothing was broken, but he got his toe nicely wrapped up and got a ”post-op boot” to wear to keep pressure off his big toe. For a day or two. The rest of the day was watching movies and relaxing.

Monday: I recently purchase a Living Social deal for Six O’Clock Scramble which is a meal planning service. Each week I receive an email with a week’s worth of recipes (including shopping list). I was intrigued by this service because it allows you save recipes you like and edit your plan each week before you print it off. Tonight’s recipe was Crispy Veggie Tacos… some onion, tomato, corn, beans, taco seasoning served over lettuce on a tortilla with cheese on top. Yummy and it only took about 15 minutes to pull together. I {love} quick and easy!

Today: This day has his last day as a first grader. So proud of him!



this week…

17 Jun

I’m dreaming of this…


Wishing I was back here. Relaxing. Not being responsible. Not having the week I’m having at work. Some weeks are tougher than others; this has been one of the toughest.

Thankful for a job that allows me to take great vacations. Thankful for vacations that allow for restful memories in the middle of chaos.

Our weekend | photos & words

6 Jun

We had a really full and fun weekend. The sun finally decided to make a real appearance in the Pacific Northwest and we took advantage. We spent the morning Saturday at the park, came home to run through the sprinkler, then it was dinner and a date with this guy:

The movie received two enthusiastic thumbs-up from my 7 1/2 year old. About half-way through the movie, he leaned over to me and told me that he can’t wait until we can buy this movie so he can watch it over and over. Win!

The beautiful weather continued on Sunday and I decided to take advantage by cleaning the windows. I know, right? Well, it really needed to happen and it was such a great day. Alex helped me for a while, but he was mostly interested in this:


Nothing more fun that a hose on a hot day! He was also a really good helper and our windows are sparkling!

The Universe Speaks to Me

26 Apr

OK, actually The Universe emails me. I promise, I’m not making this up (how could I really without sounding nuts?). Here’s one from a few days ago:


Isn’t that great? It’s just a little, inspirational gem I find in my in-box a few days a week. Sometimes they’re just fun to read. Other times, they feel a little like they’re speaking to me, to where I am in my life right now or to something that’s on my mind. This one that I got about a week ago was one of those:


Are you interested in receiving your own email from The Universe? Find our more here.