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the rest of our vacation…

2 Mar

So I last shared that Tuesday may have been the best day of our vacation. That’s true, but the rest of it was pretty great also.

Since I was in the middle of my Layout-A-Day challenge, I had to continue scrapbooking in Mexico. I took the opportunity to scrap our vacation photos as I went. Here are the layouts from the trip (click on any photo to see it larger):

MondayOur very first day consisted primarily of travel. We landed and got to our hotel just in time for a margarita. I included a photo here from the air, as well as a couple that replicated photos that we took on our first day last year.

TuesdayDay two was a lazy one by the pool. As the sun was starting to go down, we heard a racket out in front of our hotel. It was the Mexican version of Mardi Gras and the parade was lining up in the lot across the street. Conveniently, it was also sunset so we grabbed our cameras and captured what struck us. I also documented our Skype dates with Alex.

WednesdaySome photos of our daily lunch (BLT’s… yum!) and a couple from our evening walk into town. The journaling on this page comes from a story that Alex told us while we were talking over Skype that became a running joke for the rest of our trip.

ThursdayWhen every day of a vacation is about the same, it takes a little work to come up with new photos, but I think I’m doing OK! I played with my new remote control for the camera to catch us “in the act” of doing almost nothing.

Friday1Friday2Today was our one “excursion” day to go whale watching. There were too many great photos for one layout, so I had to do two. We had a fabulous day!

SaturdaySaturday was our big night out on the town. We had so much fun! I love La Paz!!

SundaySunday was spent mostly recovering from Saturday night. Ugh… I’m getting old!

Monday2Monday we headed for home. A couple more hours to lay by the pool and that was it.

Although I have never scrapped a vacation like this before (as in, while it was happening and every single day) I really, really liked it and would consider it again. I kept it really simple by limiting my supplies –  I used THIS template set from Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals. I love the clean lines and all of the journaling space, although I did alter a couple of the photo groupings to better fit my needs. The cardstock I used for the backgrounds came from HERE (a great link I found on Pinterest.

Thanks for sharing the rest of my vacation!


layout-a-day (part two)

17 Feb

My second installment is a little late because I’ve been busy making layouts! I’m so happy that I’ve kept up with this challenge; there are some nights that I absolutely feel like blowing it off, but I (so far) just get it done. Hopefully I can translate this dedication to going to the gym once this month is over. Anyway, I digress. Here are my layouts:

This first layout is a recap of January with Instagram photos on my iPhone. I’m trying to take a photo-a-day and this is the best way to capture them. The next is a layout I did after Mom & I had the chance to see James Van Praagh (I need to do a post about that… what an amazing experience!).

A quickie about some random memories I have about my very first house (emphasis on random!) and a layout about some of the music that means something to my life..

The next layout is a little comparison between me & my mom. The map layout nearly killed me! It took forever and things kept going wrong! I’m so glad that it’s done, though, and I love how it turned out.
History With Yarnthe places we'll see

A layout I put together after a tough day at work (I needed a little reminder!). During last week, Ali Edwards put together a challenge to document a “day in the life”. I didn’t do a fantastic job of recording all the details, but I wanted to document what I did capture. I actually really love how it turned out.

Thanks for taking a peek! Only 13 days to go… I think I’m going to make it!


8 Feb

One week down, just three to go! I’m finding my groove for this go ’round of LOAD and am really enjoying it. Here are my layouts from the first seven days:
10 Things About VegasBeer Can Hats
First up, a quick recap of our trip to Vegas back in December. I used THIS template and changed the title myself.
Next is a layout I’ve been thinking about for a while. My family had a real love affair with the beer can hat back in the 70’s. Everyone had them and when I was working on scanning my family albums, I started putting some of my favorite beer can hat shots in a separate folder for just this reason.

The More Things ChangeYou Right Now
The prompt for this layout was “The more things change…” and I knew I wanted to do something about Alex over time. I was happy to be able to find photos from every year of his life with one of his favorite blankies!
For this next layout, I really played! I didn’t use my computer at all, I stitched, I used stickers, I used stamps… fun! I loved using these Instagram shots of Alex over the past few weeks.

One Last Coffee DateToo Well Fed
I’ve had this photo of my mom & dad sitting on my desk for about a year. On the day that dad died, I’d called them on my way to work and met them for coffee at the start of my day. Although this photo wasn’t taken on that day, it was taken at the same store under the very same circumstances. It was perfect for me to document that last coffee date.
Look at that fat baby! I had the chance to tell the story of my mom turning me orange when I was a baby by feeding me too much carrot juice!
PLWeek 5

Finally, I completed week 5 of my Project Life album. I’m still really enjoying this project and getting into the swing of recording life weekly vs. monthly. Mark and Alex are starting to get into the groove as well. Alex drew me a little picture for this week and I will love it if their voices show up more.

If you want a closer look at any of the layouts, just give them a click. To learn more about layout-a-day, check it out HERE. Lain typically runs the challenge three months each year and it is an awesome experience!


1 Feb

Today… I’m starting a new health challenge… one week of juicing. I was inspired by a documentary we watched called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. You can see more about that HERE.

Today… I’m counting down the days to a relaxing Mexican vacation (see previous statement). Here’s my favorite layout from last year’s vacation to the same destination:

Today… I’m embarking on another LOAD (layout-a-day) challenge! If you’ve ever scrapbooked and enjoy a good challenge, you should really check this out! You can find more information HERE. This will be my fourth LOAD challenge and it’s great every time. Below is the wrap-up I did after my first challenge. I used a template from Cathy Zielske similar to this one (I can’t find the exact one I used). I adapted to to my scrappy needs. It’s amazing how much I get accomplished during this challenge. It’s really so much fun!

I am in for a fun, challenging and potentially transformational month! How are you challenging yourself in February?

project life | week 1&2

21 Jan

The last two years, I completed month-by-month albums and I love them. Of all the scrapbooks I’ve created, they’re the ones that get pulled off the shelf the most. They were created in 8.5 x 11 and I’d been thinking about converting to 12 x 12 albums to be able to fit a few more photos and more stuff. What I realized is that I was basically recreating Project Life. Two weeks in, I’m loving the weekly format and the extra space that 12 x 12 provides. I shared my title page here

Here is week 1:
We started off the new year sick. I came down with the flu and was in bed for about 5 days. There are some photos about that and also taking down our Christmas stuff. On the right is an insert with a self-portrait Alex did in school

The back side of the insert has a play that Alex narrated in school along with a couple little puppet people that went with the story. The right side has some more stuff from the week, including a note on the bottom right that I left for my husband; Alex woke up Saturday night throwing up and he was supposed to be getting up early Sunday morning to go snowboarding. The note was taped on his door letting Mark know not to wake him.

week 2:
Week two I got Alex in the album… he got these little tickets for behaving well in class and I asked him to write more about it. He reluctantly agreed, but I love that his handwriting is in there! Some stuff from life, too… movie tickets from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (loved the movie!), a chocolate wrapper, the label from a bag of apples and a tag from a new tumbler.

So far, I really love the stuff that’s going in this album. While my month-by-month albums were great and presented a good snapshot of our month, this is a bit more detailed and more “everyday”. I love that.


20 Jan

We’ve been snowed in her in Western Washington all week. I would like to say that I’ve taken the opportunity to get lots done, but I’ve spent a lot of time reading, getting caught up on laundry and lots of email for work. I did work on my Project Life album which I’ll post later this week and I did a real layout today to share:

I’d cut out a bunch of date tags for my Project Life album and was left with this cool ladder/paper strip thing and I was kind of fascinated with it. I dug up some old photos of Alex (four years ago… excuse me while I get a Kleenex!) and created this layout. It was fun to get my hands on some paper and make something today!

Meanwhile, we’re hoping that the snow has stopped and will stop melting. We had about nine inches at the peak and then more snow/freezing rain on top, so it could be a while before it melts.

month-by-month – December

6 Jan

Here it is… the last month of the year. I find it very satisfying to finish this album; I love completion and having this all tucked in and put away is a great feeling.

December was a full and busy month and required a couple of extra pages:



Please click on any photo to see it larger and you can see all of my month-by-month entries by clicking the link to the right.

I’ve really loved this project for the last two years. In 2012 I’m going to be trying my hand at Project Life. I love the format and the ability to include more of our everyday, but I’m a little nervous about keeping up. But no pressure; I’m going to have fun and enjoy the project no matter what!

month-by-month – November

4 Jan

November always feels a little like the calm before the storm. A great time to connect with some family and friends before the craziness of December hits.

Although it never feels very “Novembery”, we always try to see Santa early when the lines are short. We’ve seen the same Santa every year since Alex was born and it’s one of my very favorite traditions.

Click any layout to see it larger. If you want to see the full year of month-by-month, click the link to the right.

project life | title page

3 Jan

I spent some time over the weekend getting the title page of my Project Life Album put together. I’m feeling optimistic about this change to my memory keeping routine and seeing how it comes along.


I the 6×12 page insert on Cathy Zielske’s blog and really loved it. On the back side, I used one of the family photos that we had taken last October along with a piece of word art that I cut with my new Silhouette (wow, I love that thing!). It’s a brush from Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals.

A couple of close-ups. I printed a couple of Instagram shots on the top right and then another piece of word art layered over one of the 4×6 cards included with my Project Life kit (Clementine).

So far, so good! I’ll keep you posted!

month-by-month – October

2 Jan

I took some time over the weekend to complete my 2011 month-by-month album. I really love looking through this album; it’s amazing how many memories get lost in such a short time. I’m going to try to move to Project Life in 2012 to help capture even more of our everyday and will post updates as I go.

Now, back to October:


October always feels busy and this year was no exception. Click on any photo to see it larger. To see the full year of month-by-month, click the link on the right.