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the rest of our vacation…

2 Mar

So I last shared that Tuesday may have been the best day of our vacation. That’s true, but the rest of it was pretty great also.

Since I was in the middle of my Layout-A-Day challenge, I had to continue scrapbooking in Mexico. I took the opportunity to scrap our vacation photos as I went. Here are the layouts from the trip (click on any photo to see it larger):

MondayOur very first day consisted primarily of travel. We landed and got to our hotel just in time for a margarita. I included a photo here from the air, as well as a couple that replicated photos that we took on our first day last year.

TuesdayDay two was a lazy one by the pool. As the sun was starting to go down, we heard a racket out in front of our hotel. It was the Mexican version of Mardi Gras and the parade was lining up in the lot across the street. Conveniently, it was also sunset so we grabbed our cameras and captured what struck us. I also documented our Skype dates with Alex.

WednesdaySome photos of our daily lunch (BLT’s… yum!) and a couple from our evening walk into town. The journaling on this page comes from a story that Alex told us while we were talking over Skype that became a running joke for the rest of our trip.

ThursdayWhen every day of a vacation is about the same, it takes a little work to come up with new photos, but I think I’m doing OK! I played with my new remote control for the camera to catch us “in the act” of doing almost nothing.

Friday1Friday2Today was our one “excursion” day to go whale watching. There were too many great photos for one layout, so I had to do two. We had a fabulous day!

SaturdaySaturday was our big night out on the town. We had so much fun! I love La Paz!!

SundaySunday was spent mostly recovering from Saturday night. Ugh… I’m getting old!

Monday2Monday we headed for home. A couple more hours to lay by the pool and that was it.

Although I have never scrapped a vacation like this before (as in, while it was happening and every single day) I really, really liked it and would consider it again. I kept it really simple by limiting my supplies –  I used THIS template set from Ali Edwards at Designer Digitals. I love the clean lines and all of the journaling space, although I did alter a couple of the photo groupings to better fit my needs. The cardstock I used for the backgrounds came from HERE (a great link I found on Pinterest.

Thanks for sharing the rest of my vacation!


the best day of vacation…

29 Feb

Tuesday might have been the best day of our vacation.

Mark and I just got back from a great trip to Mexico. Our days, for the most part, were very much the same – coffee in our room in the morning, breakfast in the cafe, Skype with Alex, out to the pool, BLT’s for lunch at the pool. More sun, perhaps a dip in the pool, maybe a beer or two, back to our room to get ready for dinner, Skype with Alex, out to dinner and home. With only a couple of exceptions, our days all were exactly like that. Wonderful, relaxing, quiet, sunny and warm.

Tuesday, though, was the day we got home and brought Alex lunch at school.

He was so happy to see us! During lunch, he kept sneaking his hand under the table to hold mine and at recess, he was playing tag with his friends and would keep coming back to where we were standing to give me a hug. He must have said “I love you” about 50 times. He seems to have grown – his hair is too long, his front tooth is growing in, he feels taller. Seeing him after a week is such a clear reminder of how fast he’s growing, how quickly this season of our lives will pass.

I am so thankful that we have grandparents that live near by and are willing and able to watch Alex for a week. I am so thankful that we are able to get away, just Mark and me, and be grown-ups. I’m thankful for a son who can go with the flow.

But today, I’m also thankful for the small reminder that Alex loves us more than anything.


vacation – day six

8 Sep

Sadly, I’ve arrived at our last full day of vacation. Don’t worry… we made the most of it!

We started out the morning on the lake first thing… my first time experiencing “the glass” on water skis. It was a different experience and so much fun. After we came back to the house and had breakfast, we took the boats and headed across the lake to a place called Beauty Bay. It was quiet and smooth and a great place to anchor for the day and enjoy the water. Eric towed the kids (and Barb!) on the knee board and the tubes. Even Alex had a go on the knee board and was hooked. We ate lunch and just really enjoyed our last day of lake time.

Will, Brett & Mark

Willow & Me and Eric on the jet ski (yes, I drove it!)

Alex heading out on his first knee board ride

Kanyan, Ryann & Alex on the tube and Alex & Kanyan

Will & Kendall and Alex, Jensen & Sarah

Our last morning…

And that, my friends, wraps up our vacation. We had a great time and are hoping to do it again next year. I’ll leave you with one last memory… we had some great video of the early morning ski trips so I put this together. Enjoy!

vacation – day 5

31 Aug

Our fifth day of vacation was all about relaxing and playing… at the house, on the beach and on the water. It looked like this…

Mark and I have only ever been on a jet ski together once during a vacation to Mexico. I got off pretty quickly because I thought I was going to die. It took some coaxing for him to get me back on one, but he was much calmer this time and we had a great time.

We found an old rope swing on the lake and anchored the boats for a while so that everyone could have a turn. There’s something about a rope swing that turns everyone into a kid again.

Ryann, Julie (me!) & Jensen

Alex, Brett & Coleson

Gaye & Barb

Willow & Eric

Other random shots from the day…

We ended the day with a celebratory shot of Patron while the kids took over the living room with their various electronic devices. A wonderful evening for all…



If you can’t tell by the photos, this vacation was quickly turning into one of our favorites. We had such a great time with such a great group of friends. Plus, there are two more awesome days to share!

vacation – day 4

27 Aug

Our fourth day of vacation was an adventure here:
The Route of the Hiawatha is a beautiful old railroad route that has been transformed into a bike trail. It was a terrific family adventure and we had a great time.

Mark, Will & Willow at the rental shop and the group listening to a “safety talk”.

Here’s the group ready to go! Kanyan on the trail.

The chipmunks along the trail were clearly tamed and ready for some goldfish crackers! Can you see him on Mark’s tire?

At the start of the trail, you go through a nearly 2 mile long tunnel! It runs 43 degrees in there year long and is pitch black. You can see it here in the background. Also, a great shot of Willow.

Grandma Linda on the trail (she’s Will’s mom) and Kendall in the trailer. She was a trooper!

Alex was a trooper… about 10 miles down the trail we realized his brakes were catching the whole time. He was even having to pedal downhill! And here I am with a flower in my helmet. Mark picked it for me along the trail.

Coming out of a tunnel and crossing one of the seven trestles.

At the bottom of the 15 mile trail, you load up the bikes and you go back to the top and through the first, long tunnel again. We had to wait for a bit. Alex and I relaxed in the shade.

After the bike ride, we came back into Coeur D’Alene for dinner and ice cream. Here are Kanyan and Gaye enjoying their dessert.

We had to kill some time before we went back to the house (long story!) so we let the kids run around the park for a while…

Day four was a really fun, really long day. We all agreed that we would do that ride again. If you’d like to see more about The Route of the Hiawatha, click here.

vacation – days 2 & 3

25 Aug

The next couple of days of our vacation were mostly spent relaxing by the water and enjoying our beautiful house. We had great food, great drink and great company. What more could you ask for?

A couple of families went into Coeur D’Alene for brunch on Sunday. Don’t Kanyan and Kendall look sweet? Grandma Linda with Kendall on the boat.

Eric and Sarah and my handsome hubby.

Back at the house, some serious vacation feet and Mark on the internet (probably shopping for a boat!).

That night we played some ‘beach’ volleyball. The sand felt more like shards of glass, but it was fun. Clearly Alex was taking the whole thing pretty seriously. Kanyan was mouthing off, so we ended up in a bit of a sand fight. I’m pretty sure I won that one.

Mark took Alex out on Eric’s jet skit and even let him drive! Alex was pretty proud of himself when they made it back to the dock.

More awesome beach feet (Sarah’s) and Mark and Alex on the jet ski.

Eric & Mark taking the kids on the tube (don’t you love Mark’s life jacket?) Sarah, Cassidy & Alex ready to go!

Eric on the kayak and one of the friendly marmots that shared our beach.

Gaye making some yummy potatoes for dinner that Barb would take leftovers of and make into yummy breakfasts. Can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of Barb in the kitchen… she was awesome! Also, Alex in the lake (maybe peeing by the look on his face).

By this time, everyone is settled in, getting tan and relaxed. Perfect for our day four adventure… stay tuned!

vacation – day 1

24 Aug

I love a great vacation.

We’re just back from a wonderful vacation in Idaho with three other families. Together, we rented a house right on the Spokane river. The house was fantastic, the company was wonderful and we made some great memories. Here are a few shots from the first day…
Here is our house. The first picture is the back, the second is the river side. It was just beautiful with plenty of room for 17!

This creek ran through the back of the property. We also had a sandy beach, jet ski lifts and a really nice dock.

Some of the kids (here: Cassidy & Sarah) hit the lake. Some of us took an evening cruise up the river.

Captain Will and Mark & me (I love taking photos in mirrors!)

The Gillis family on their way out and Kendall on the boat… isn’t she precious?

Day one also included a six hour drive, so it was pretty low key. We were all pretty happy to get there, get some groceries bought, have a simple dinner and relax. The perfect start to a vacation.